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Country Wellness Holiday Winter Market

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Getting ready for you!

The reception area in the new wellness center is almost ready! A new custom wood desk by Jim Blauvelt has been installed along with an artwork by Troy Zaushny named “The Listening”. Troy explained that the title refers to giving attention to the subtler vibrations and undercurrents in our lives. Erik Kallen stands under the …

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Country Wellness in the News – Westerly Sun

Check out the new article by Catherine Hewitt, Sun staff writer. Holistic practitioner expanding services in North Stonington

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A Promise of Healing for U.S. Military Veterans with PTSD

Recently, U.S. Representative Joe Courtney, North Stonington First Selectman Mike Urgo, The Day Editor Lee Howard, and friends joined Dr. Stefana Pecher on a tour of The Country Doc Wellness Center and “The Farm” where Better Together CT will grow. Dr. Pecher envisioned the two projects to facilitate healing in N. Stonington area communities, with …

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The Float Pod has arrived at Country Doc Wellness!

This is really exciting! …or should we say relaxing? Float tanks have come a long way since John C. Lilly’s sensory deprivation experiments of the 1950s and 60s. Today, in addition to enhancing meditation and consiousness expansion, float pods are used in treatments for recovery, relaxation, pain relief, PTSD, anxiety, and depression. See this page …

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We Are Growing!

We are pleased to announce that new expansions are underway! More space, and more services are required to meet the health needs of our patients. In early 2019 Dr. Stefana Pecher will open a new space directly behind her existing offices and wellness center. This new space will be home to additional holistic services such …

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Wellness Center underway!

Coming soon – Country Doc is the New England center of excellence for holistic medicine New services will include a hyperbaric oxygen chamber, Himalayan salt cave, and more! Sent from my iPhone

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