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Let’s Get Physicals

The Country Doc Wellness & Family Medicine Center is your one stop shop for all your physicals, from DOT to sports we have you covered. Let our caring staff take care of your next physical. Stop by or Call Today to make an appointment.

Types of Physicals We Offer:

  • Skin Checks

    A routine skin check provides an opportunity to screen for skin cancer, one of the most common types of cancer in the United States. Our healthcare providers can assist with this important examination and perform lesion removals when necessary for biopsy and refer to dermatology when warranted.

  • Camp Physicals

    A healthy camper is a happy camper! We offer preparticipation physicals for those campers who require physicals prior to attending camp./li>

  • School Physicals

    CT state law requiring a complete health assessment and up-to-date immunization record prior to school entrance. School physicals provide an excellent opportunity to discuss your concerns regarding your child’s educational performance as healthcare providers have insight into their developmental milestones.

  • Sports Physical

    Sports physical exams help to determine if a patient is safe to participate in a particular sport. Most states recommend a preparticipation physical examination prior to starting a new sport or new season. Even if not recommend, doctors still highly recommend one. Try to schedule these appointments at least 6 weeks in advance so there is ample time to schedule a follow-up appointment if warranted.

  • DOT Physicals

    DOT Physicals offered by our certified provider Kimberly Tschetter PA-C, member of national registry of certified medical examiners.

    Our facility offers providers Department of Transportation physical examinations conducted by a licensed medical examiner listed on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) National Registry. Upon completion of a DOT physical, patients can obtain a medical examiner certificate to operate commercial motor vehicles for up to 24 months based on a patient’s overall health and wellness.

  • Routine Physicals

    Our physical examinations offer you an opportunity to determine a general status of your overall health and wellness. It provides a chance to talk to your practitioner about ongoing pain or general symptoms you may be experiencing. A physical exam is recommended once a year. According to the National Institute of Health, physicals provide an opportunity to: identify disease states early so they can be treated before becoming medical concerns in the future, update immunizations, ensure maintenance of healthy diet and exercise and building a relationship with your provider. We offer EKG, Spirometry, Hearing, Vision and Urine Analysis Screenings at each physical.

Our Care Providers

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