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Our Mission


It has always been my dream to unite traditional medicine and complementary modalities under one holistic roof. During my medical training, I realized that patients require not only up-to-date medical treatment but also a complete understanding of their personal life situation. Coming to know our patients’ core issues continues to be invaluable in assisting them to navigate their health. It has long been understood that the body and soul connection is critical to health and well-being. As modern medicine evolves, we return to the fundamental truths about healing and wellness.

Many patients have had an amazing return to physical health once the mind/soul was healed. Though traditional medicine plays a critical role, some patients continue to have chronic or even acute health issues that do not respond to modern medical interventions. It is here, that we  turn to turn to complementary modalities. After exhausting the advice offered by specialists in the field of traditional medicine, some patients look to complementary medicine for relief.

By offering this option in conjunction with medical supervision, patients and complementary medicine providers can feel comfortable that there is a high probability that an underlying condition will not be over-looked.

We believe that every patient has the right to compassionate care in a comfortable, stress-free setting. The office has been designed with barrier-free access and elevator. Our knowledgeable staff is here for you whether it be fitting you in for a same-day sick visit, assisting you with prescriptions or providing a calendar of multiple appointments for the elderly or chronically ill. Our office setting and staff are here to make you feel comfortable and to provide you and your family with the best care.

A local need for complementary and alternative therapies as well as extended hours for traditional medical services and urgent care in a beautiful relaxed setting prompted the formation of The Country Doc Walk-in & Wellness Center. The Center is located on the first floor of our building and the Family Medicine Office continues to operate on the 2nd floor of the same building.

Our patients have been wonderful and very supportive of our mission to improve the health and wellness of our community.

We will never forget how our patients helped us move to our new office in December 2011 with their horse trailers. They built walls, cupboards and hauled heavy exam tables to our current Holly Green location! We would not be where we are without them.

Together we have established a wonderful relationship with the community of Southeastern CT and Southwestern RI over the past decade. We have enjoyed turning healthcare into a pleasant and enjoyable experience. We look forward  to providing comprehensive health and wellness services for many years to come!

Country Doc