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Connecticut Medical Marijuana Card

Our mission is to make getting your medical marijuana card as smooth as possible. Our licensed CMMP physician and medical staff will assist you through the process of obtaining your Connecticut Medical Marijuana Card.

3 Steps to get your medical marijuana card!

Step 1.

Obtain your medical records that includes your qualifying diagnosis from your healthcare provider.

Step 2.

Fax:(860) 535-4605, or email your documentation to our office (documentation must be received and reviewed by providers prior to appointment to verify qualifying condition).

Step 3.

Call to schedule appointment in our office. (860) 535-4600.

Once you are qualified by Dr. Stefana Pecher, she will then authorize you to obtain a State of Connecticut medical marijuana license to participate in the state-approved medical cannabis program. The license will allow you to purchase medical cannabis from one of the state’s licensed dispensaries. To be protected under Connecticut’s law, you are required to have the Connecticut-issued medical marijuana license. For more information about the state’s qualifying conditions, and dispensary locations, please follow the links below:

State of Connecticut Medical Marijuana Program

Country Doc